Are you struggling with personal or business debt? Here’s how a debt management plan may help you

Credit Card is a funny thing. Even before you know, you’ve spend more money than you can afford, either for personal use or business demands. So one fine day you are unable to pay your debt and default, which definitely results in creditors calling you for collection. At such circumstances, people often do not know what to do and are stranded with mental tension and see no way out. Here’s a simple plan for you to get out of it all even if you cannot gather money to relieve all your creditors – the Debt Management Plan.Business

Let’s understand what a debt management plan is –

It is an agreement between you and your creditors to disburse-off all your debts.

How do you do it?

You register under a debt consolidation or management plan with a company licensed by the Office of Fair Trading. Once you have registered under this plan, you are supposed to make regular payments to this company.
How does it work?

The licensed debt management company finalises your monthly payments on the basis of your debt. They will require your financial statements to do so, for instance, things like your income, your assets, debts and details of creditors. The company will then contact all your creditors and seek their agreement on the arrangement. Your monthly payments will be dispensed in a mannered fashion to your creditors.

The general duration of paying-off debt through a debt management plan is 36- 60 months. This, however, also depends on the amount of debt you have conceived.

Benefits to you

By enrolling into the plan, you would be relinquished of heavy finance charges namely interest payments. Moreover, you won’t be bothered with the nerve wrecking collection calls. Once you have completely paid-off the money you owe, the company helps you in reinstating your credit.


If you are deep in debts, then the sensible choice would be to enter into such management plans. The sooner you take this valuable step, more likely would be your chances of regaining a debt free and financially secure life.

How does better business support improve the chances of your business success?

When does a business experience success? Answer: When the revenue of the business surpasses its expenditure by a substantial level. A business that is capable of having a lot of revenues after all the costs have been accounted for is said to be profitable and productive. Of course all companies are not the same, therefore the formula for success may be different for different companies. One of the sure-fire ways of improving the odds of your business’ success is to have good business support.Business

Ideally, the support system of a company should be adaptable and flexible enough to meet the demands and requirements of the company. There are many facets of this kind of support system, namely wireless communication, snack bars, telephone operators, call centres, product management and so on. These facets provide the business with an increased capacity for production. It is a common misunderstanding that this kind of system only increases the sales revenue of a company, in reality it is also capable of providing customer satisfaction!

If you already have a business support system in place in your company but it is not doing much for your business and customers then it is high time you upgrade the system and switch to a better one. An effective support system for business would aim towards making the operations of a business run more smoothly and it would also reduce the stress upon the resources of the company like labour, time and money.

The best time to employ such a system would be when it is expected or anticipated that the demand upon your company’s resources would rise significantly. By having an effective system in place, you will not only be able to protect your best interest as the business owner but also the best interests of your employees, customers and shareholders. While every company wishes to have lots of profits, it is only the smart ones that work towards this wish and get an effective business support system in place!